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I'm Albert_

Multidisciplinary, experimental and decisive designer. Passionate about the relationship between design, technology and ethics, as well as everything that the audiovisual embraces. I consider myself an inveterate film buff - in its most diverse meanings -, a lover of audiovisual narrative and a constant creator of audiovisual solutions.


I think, sketch and prepare design proposals in different environments and under specific objectives, where I have been able to develop the skills to work with different professionals and I have acquired excellent oral communication skills. I constantly pursue new challenges to overcome my inquiring mind.


Currently, I teach audiovisual projects in the University Degree in Design at the Escola Superior de Diseño (ESDi) and I am part of the WindowSight team, a streaming platform for visual art. I am also studying for a master's degree in Film Studies and Visual Cultures, whose main objective is to research and reflect on contemporary audiovisual culture and the history and evolution of moving images.

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